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Terms & Conditions of Sale and Delivery

By using our website and purchasing the products listed hereon, you indicate that you have read, understand and agree to abide by these terms and conditions of sale and delivery.



Payment can be accepted securely online via PayPal, using your PayPal balance or your credit card or debit card. Although prices are quoted in U.S. Dollars, payment can be made in any PayPal-supported currency and will be converted to U.S. Dollars using PayPal's present exchange rate. Payment can also accepted through a number of other third-party payment-processing services, using forms of online or offline payment including credit or debit cards, various forms of electronic money, bank transfers or cash remittance at payment-processing agents' physical locations. Some third-party payment processing services may charge you fees for the use of their services to make payments, and the currency-exchange rates used by such services to calculate prices in your local currency may vary among them. Your use of any third-party payment service, and any fee structure for doing so, is subject solely to the terms and conditions of the agreement between you and that particular service.

Prices are updated regularly, based on changes in currency exchange rates, shipping costs and other factors. and are subject to change on this website without prior notice. The final price for any item will be confirmed when you complete your payment transaction.

Cancellation and Change of Orders

Cancellations of orders are not permitted unless the product unexpectedly becomes unavailable and/or the pre-shipment handling time exceeds 7 business days.

Customers in the European Union should note that, as we are not based in the E.U., the 14-day Right of Withdrawal granted under the E.U. Consumer Rights Directive does not apply to purchases made from us.

Changes to orders may be requested (e.g. to change the size, style or color of ordered items) and are granted or denied on a case-by-case basis. Changes requested prior to payment can usually be made successfully. After your payment has been made, however, a request to make a change to your order is less likely to be granted: In many cases we order products from our wholesale suppliers immediately after we have received payment from our customers, and once we have paid our suppliers for the item(s) we do not have the option to cancel or change our orders.


Shipping Address & Telephone Number
Your telephone number is required in addressing your parcel.

Please note that we can neither change the delivery address for your order nor request the carrier to redirect a parcel to a different address than originally given in your order. We can ship your parcel only to the address you have specified in your order. Moreover, if you are using a credit card to pay, your credit card issuer may require that the shipping address matches your credit card billing address. Please ensure that your correct and current shipping address and telephone number are submitted when you place your order.

Handling Time
Most orders are shipped out within 3 business days after the date payment has been received. If the pre-shipment handling time will be longer than this, we will notify you.

Delivery Time
International shipment from China will be made using the carrier and shipping option you select*, and final delivery will be made by your domestic postal service. The usual international shipping mode is airmailed small packet, for which the estimated timeframe for delivery -- after shipment is initiated -- is 10-20 business days to most developed countries and up to 60 business days to developing countries. When the shipping mode is specified as "ePacket", the estimated timeframe for delivery to most available destinations (after shipment is initiated) is 10-12 business days. Business days do not include Saturdays, Sundays or dates during which the parcel is located in, or transiting through, a country which is then observing a national holiday. Actual delivery times may vary from the quoted estimates for a variety of potential reasons, including national holidays, inclement weather, Customs processing, and the speed of your domestic postal service in processing and delivering incoming mail items. Therefore, quoted delivery timeframes are estimated but not guaranteed.

Domestic shipments within China will be made using express courier, for which the estimated timeframe for delivery -- after shipment is initiated -- is from 1 to 7 business days.

* If the particular shipping option that you select becomes unavailable to your destination for any reason, or the carrier's rate increases, we may elect to use an alternative shipping option with comparable service features (i.e. with a similar estimated timeframe for delivery and similar trackability). If no such comparable alternative shipping option is available to us at the rate that you paid for shipping, we will notify you of the fact and give you the choice to either select any available lesser-featured shipping option or to cancel your order. Should you then choose a lesser-featured shipping option having a rate that is lower than you paid, we will refund you for the difference.

Import Tariffs
If your country's Customs bureau levies an import tariff on the contents of your parcel, which may constitute value-added tax/sales- or use-tax, excise tax, and/or duties, you will be responsible for paying the tariff and any related processing fee in order to receive the parcel from the postal service.

Customers in the European Union should note that, when purchasing online from a non-E.U. seller such as us, any applicable VAT, Customs duty and excise tax will always be due upon delivery (VAT applies to purchases of €22 or more (including shipping cost) and Customs duty (and any excise tax) applies for items valued at €150 or more).

On the date that Customs has assessed an import tariff and made the parcel available for collection by the recipient, it becomes your obligation to pay the tariff in order to receive the parcel (and to collect the parcel from Customs, if necessary). As we have no control over whether or when you pay the tariff and collect the parcel from Customs, and as the shipment tracking status of most postal services generally reflects "delivered" once a parcel has been made available for collection from Customs, on that date the parcel is considered to have been delivered to you to the furthest extent of our ability and obligation and received by you for all intents and purposes.

Non-delivery Exceptions
Please note that the terms of this section do not apply to unregistered/untracked parcels. If you select an "economy" shipping method (i.e. other than "registered" or "ePacket"), although we will be able to provide tracking information to show proof of shipment, there will be no tracking information to evidence delivery and, as such is the case, we cannot address claims of non-delivery of unregistered/untracked parcels. You are therefore urged to consider your inherent risk in opting for an unregistered/untracked "economy" shipping method.

If, by the 60th business day after shipment was initiated -- provided that the correct delivery address was given -- the carrier has not attempted to deliver or contact the addressee to arrange delivery to/pickup of the parcel by the addressee, we will issue you a full refund for non-delivery on the condition that you will re-issue payment to us for the goods if and when the carrier ultimately delivers or at least attempts to arrange delivery/pickup of the parcel using your correct address.

We will not issue a refund for non-delivery if non-delivery is due to your having provided an incorrect address or been unavailable or refused to accept or collect the parcel from the carrier or Customs. If the parcel is deemed undeliverable or unclaimed and returned to us by the carrier, if and when we receive the returned parcel we will send you an invoice for the shipping cost to re-send the parcel to you. If we do not acknowledge our receipt of such a returned parcel, then the fact of our receipt of the parcel must be evidenced by the carrier's shipment tracking status.

Returns & Refunds

We are firmly committed to the ideal that the products you purchase from us should arrive to you on schedule, in the condition described, and free of damage and defects. In the unlikely event that they do not, we will cooperate with you toward resolving the issue to your satisfaction. Any resolution that we may offer in such circumstances shall be in accordance with the applicable PayPal Buyer Protection policy and/or applicable Consumer Law. With the exception of any specific product offer/listing wherein it stipulates a return policy stating otherwise, returns are only accepted for items that are not as described, or are damaged upon receipt, or are defective. Should you initiate a claim through your chosen payment-processing service or a dispute through your bank-card issuer in order to achieve a product return and/or obtain a refund based on reasons or under circumstances that contravene our terms and conditions of sale and delivery, and the payment processor or bank-card issuer consequently issues a refund or chargeback in your favor, you accept that you shall bear responsibility for compensating us for 1) the sum of any fees that we may incur as a result of a chargeback or refund, as well as 2) any reasonable expenses for collection efforts and/or legal fees that we may incur in the process of attempting to recoup the original payment funds and our loss of chargeback- or refund-related fees.

If, once you have received your items, you find that any of them are not as described in the listing, damaged, or defective, please notify us within 7 days of the date of delivery, otherwise we will consider that you have deemed the condition of the product to be acceptable. We may request that you provide additional information, including digital photos and/or video, reflecting the reported condition of the item(s). We urge you to make an uninterrupted video of the opening of the parcel and inspection of the items within, with video recording starting from the parcel in sealed state on all sides and showing the address label and tracking number, in case we need to ask you to provide us evidence of the condition of the items upon receipt.

Upon approving any return, we will provide you return instructions and a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number which must accompany the returned parcel in order for it to be accepted and a refund to be issued. If we receive any returned item for which we have not authorized a return, we will send you an invoice for the shipping cost to re-send the parcel to you. The unpacking of returned parcels is video recorded.

Under normal circumstances, we will issue any refund using the same payment processing service and payment method that you originally used to pay for the order. However, not every payment-processing service or payment method that can be used for submission of payments allows for the reversal of payments. In the event that we agree to issue a refund to you, but the original payment-processing service or payment method cannot be used to issue a refund, we will issue the refund in the form of a money transfer via our choice of another payment method such as PayPal, Skrill, U.S. bank transfer, AliPay or WeChat TenPay.