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Terms & Conditions of Promo/Referral Code Incentive Programs

Discounts or rebates realized through the use of Promo Codes or Referral Codes apply to the listed prices of the purchased items but do not apply to shipping costs, taxes, Customs duties or any other fees or costs associated with a purchase.

A unique Promo Code is only valid for use by the person to whom it was originally assigned.

A Referral Code is valid for use only by persons other than the person to whom it was originally assigned.

In general, a Promo Code or Referral code may not be used in combination with another promotional offer. However, a customer who has accumulated referral credit can realize a discount with a unique personal Promo Code and will also receive the referral credit rebate on the same order.

Discounts realized through one's own purchase using a Promo Code are applied as a reduction to the price of an order at the time of purchase.

Referral Credits realized through others' purchases using one's Referral Code are applied as rebates to one's orders, which are issued after one's purchase, for the amount of the available referral credit up to the total price of one's order, and with any excess referral credit remaining available as a rebate applicable to one's subsequent orders.

When sharing a referral code by electronic media, the referer may attach or insert one or more links of product web pages on but may not attach or insert any text or images excerpted or separated from those web pages. For the purpose of sharing Referral Codes on social media, we recommend using the pre-installed social sharing buttons on our web pages that have direct links to such networks as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

We reserve the right to make changes to the terms of, or to discontinue, the Promo Code and/or Referral Code incentive programs at any time effective upon our giving written notice thereof either on or directly to selected participants.