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Privacy Policy does not currently use "cookies" but may use server-side software to gather and analyze information about visitor traffic to the website. This traffic information does not include personal details but may include visitors' I.P. addresses, referring links and search phrases used to find products on our website. We may associate your website visit activity with any personally identifying information that you have chosen to provide. For example, records of visits from users who have registered on VK are tracked through the VK "pixel" and relayed back to VK (VK users who do not wish for their visits to be tracked by the VK pixel may make a relevant request at Reviewing such website traffic and search-phrase information helps us to understand where our customers are coming from and what their interests are. This, in turn, helps us to improve our website and streamline our product offerings.

We regard the personal privacy of our customers and other visitors to the website very seriously. Personal details provided in the course of registering, making inquiries, and placing orders are only divulged to those parties who are involved in the transaction and fulfillment of those orders. Unless otherwise required by law, the only other entities with whom we would share or discuss your personal details would be your selected payment processor or your credit-card issuer and the logistics/shipping service providers whom we engage to handle delivery of your orders.