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US$42.52 KN95 Filtering Facepiece Respirators (8 masks)
SKU: KN95-8-Pack-612-939
These are KN95 filtering facepiece respirator masks with exhalation valves.

This price includes eight (8) masks.

KN95 is the Chinese version of the US NIOSH N95. In a comparative analysis published by 3M Personal Safety Division, the KN95 and N95 facepiece respirators can reasonably be considered equivalent for filtering non-oil-based particles such as those resulting from wildfires, PM 2.5 air pollution, volcanic eruptions, or bioaerosols (e.g. viruses)*.

The exhalation valve mounted on one side of the mask 1) allows for ease of exhaling, 2) prevents the pressure of exhaled air from pushing the mask away from the face and unsealing it, and 3) helps to prevent carbon dioxide buildup within the mask chamber.


Exhalation Valve

Foam-padded Nose Piece

As sources of supply and product models may change over time, we may fulfill your order with any brand and model of KN95 facepiece respirator that has at least the same features and functionality as that shown here.

*Reference: "Comparison of FFP2, KN95, and N95 and Other Filtering Facepiece Respirator Classes", Technical Bulletin, January 2020, Revision 2, 3M Personal Safety Division (PSD).
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